Premium Quality

The New UCI

Copper wire is customarily bought and sold as a commodity, with the inevitable price unpredictability that is built into any commodity market, a situation that doesn’t benefit either vendor or customer. At UCI, we’ve taken action to take the “unpredictable” out of our part of the copper wire market.

Predictable Pricing, Predictable Delivery

UCI has launched a three-tier pricing structure that guarantees a set price, regardless of the day purchased, for customers who qualify as “preferred.” We’ve also instituted a policy of “95%+ fill rate with delivery in five business days or less.” This has been very popular with our customers, many of them contractors under pressure of tight deadlines.


SEQ Numbering

Sequential Numbering is countdown markings on the wire jacket that accurately indicates the length of wire contained on each reel. SEQ reels start at twenty thousand feet and end at zero. Knowing the exact footage is invaluable to the distributor for making up custom orders.


Parallel Pulling Wire

We can now parallel up to four legs of our Premium Quality conductors, featuring our “SLK” technology and any of twelve colors, on a single wood reel. Disposable pulling heads are an additional option to further simplify your installation process by reducing down time for preparation.


SLK No Lube Wire Technology

At United Copper Industries, we’ve conducted extensive jobsite research and received input from electrical contractors to develop just the right amount of slick. Our SLK slick wire glides through wire trays and slips around corners while providing contractors with added control over the wire run from loading to termination.


UCI Supersized Supermasters

Supersize your inventory with Supermasters from United Copper Industries. The massive content of these reels adds efficiency to your distribution center by reducing reel changes, optimizing storage space and eliminating end scrap inherent with multiple put ups.

12 Colors

12 Color Options

Electrical contractors asked for a wider spectrum of colors for complex wiring applications so United Copper Industries delivered. A choice of twelve colors is a value-added feature to help save time and money on the jobsite.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

UCI is an environmentally conscious manufacturer. We’re proud of the awards we’ve won for our eco-aware manufacturing practices. We’re also proud that forty percent of the energy that powers our Denton plant is wind generated.

Lead Free

Lead Free

We make our wire from 99.9% pure copper cathodes smelted and reduced in our Denton, Texas manufacturing facility. All our wire is guaranteed to be uniform diameter and, since 2007, it comes in lead-free jacketing, an innovation that UCI is proud to offer our customers.