TFFN spool


12 Colors

SLK Slick Wire Technology


Heat and Moisture Resistant Insulation



Type TFFN has a smooth outer jacket for easy pulling. It may be used as Building Wire 90°C, Machine Tool Wire 90°C (Stranded Only), Fluorescent Ballast or Hook-up 90°C.


Type TFFN or MTW meets or exceeds UL 66, UL 1063 (MTW).


Type TFFN or MTW are copper conductors that are soft-annealed (stranded), insulated with tough, heat- and moisture- resistant Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), over which a nylon (polyamide) or UL-recognized equivalent jacket is applied. Available in black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, brown, orange, purple, pink, tan or gray. Some colors are standard, some subject to economic order quantity.


Type TFFN or MTW may be used as fixture wire, machine tool wiring. It may be installed in conduit, duct, or other recognized raceways in wet or dry locations. The small diameter of the wire permits additional circuits or larger conductors without exceeding maximum fill limitations. When used as Type TFFN, conductor is suitable for use at temperatures not to exceed 90°C. When used as Type MTW, conductor is suitable for use in wet locations or when exposed to oil or coolant at temperatures not to exceed 60°C or dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90°C. Voltage for all applications is 600 volts.